Excavator Rubber Tracks

Caring and Maintenance of Rubber Tracks

Excavator moving rubble from cliff face

So you have bought a few expensive rubber tracks for your excavators or diggers? Chances are you may have invested a great deal of cash on these items. Everyone who buys something which costs a lot would like to ensure that it stays in mint condition and provides them with great performance every time.  So how do you endure that you get the most out of your excavator rubber tracks? Just keep the following tips and tricks in mind

  • Always choose excavator rubber tracks which are in keeping with the specification of your machinery
  • If the surface you are using these tracks for is rough and uneven, you need to ensure that the patterns on these tracks are such that they won’t become worn out over a period of time. Though wear and tear does eventually occur. Using the right patterned tracks allow you to make use of these tracks for a longer period of time.
  • Always ensure that you check the rubber tracks after making a purchase. Careful observation would help you know about any manufacturing defect, incorrect sizing or any other damages which might cause problem later on. If the tracks are not up to the quality you desire, don’t be afraid to return them for a replacement.
  • Always ensure that there is a warranty attached to the excavator rubber tracks.
  • If you have changed rubber tracks and they are a different tread pattern from your previous one, you might face some difficulty adjusting to these new ones. In this case, don’t panic and concentrate on trying out the tracks more often to ensure that you are comfortable while using them.
  • If possible always ask a professional for help wile fixing the rubber tracks. This way they can ensure a proper fit and allow you to use the tracks without any hassle.
  • Always maintain the right tension for the rubber tracks. If you have these installed by a professional you might not have to worry. However, if you plan to install the tracks on your own, make sure you consult the user manual.
  • Never overload the machine and always know the maximum weight capacity of the rubber tracks. Overloading the tracks would damage them way before time and you might need to purchase a new set of excavator rubber tracks.
  • When driving the machinery on tracks avoid using zero degree turns and make use of wide angle turns to ensure proper use of the rubber tracks.
  • If the machine is to be used on sharp surfaces every now and then, make sure to choose a pattern tread which compliments the terrain on which the machine is being used.
  • Make sure you don’t operate the machinery on high speed. Rough use of the tracks can cause a great deal of wear and tear and my not provide you with the kind of service which you require over a period of time.
  • Always make sure that you keep the rubber tracks clean from any dirt and debris by cleaning them thoroughly after every use.

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