One Place

Unadulterated MARLBOROUGH.

There is no wine anyplace on the planet that has an aftertaste like the wine of Marlborough.

Atmosphere is critical to the character of Marlborough, so too is the dirt. A large portion of the dirts were set down inside the most recent 14,000 years; cut and dissolved by icy masses in the high nation and conveyed down to the drift by snow soften waterways. Equalisation, virtue and serious flavour set around great smell, unmistakable foods grown from the ground adjusted corrosiveness is unrivalled.

The Wairau Valley

The exceptionally looked for after Wairau Valley is an antiquated waterway bed settled between two mountain ranges and circumscribed toward the North by Cook Strait. Comprehensively, this limited sub-area of Marlborough spreads cooler, drier inland locales, fruitless stony, early-aging destinations to ocean breeze directed beach front destinations. Soils are all the more gravelly toward the north closer the riverbed. Inside this, wines mirror the individual vineyard and maker qualities however all have the trademark immaculate organic product force and body.

Ara claim 13 vineyards in the Wairau Valley and keep up solid long haul associations with a portion of the Valley’s best cultivators. This implies Ara reliably have the finest grapes from the district every vintage.

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