Taking care of Our World.

The land will take care of us in the event that we take care of the land. Straightforward as that. So we take care to keep our ecological impression as little as could be expected under the circumstances. Here are a portion of the means we’ve taken to limit natural impression.

Affirmed Sustainable Winegrowing

All winegrowing exercises at Ara are affirmed to be completely manageable. We have a place with Sustainable Winegrowing NZ, an activity of the NZ Winegrowers Association, and we take after strict administration standards to ensure nature. Strategies and frameworks are updated frequently, with the goal that we can constantly enhance ecological execution.


From 2016 vintage Ara have treated the soil 100% of the winery squander (skins, seeds and MOG). This will be connected to Ara’s vineyards before the 2017 reap to improve natural matter levels. For the individuals who adore numbers, it was 4,000 cubic meters of waste that changed over into 8,000 cubic meters of manure.

Secure Water

Ara has put a noteworthy sum in its Marlborough winery to build up nearby water treatment. Presently all the keep running off water utilised as a part of creation is dealt with, reused and reused guaranteeing none of this valuable asset, imperative to winemaking, is squandered

Different Commitments

Utilising natural composts on every one of their vineyards; Carefully considering supportability when obtaining plant and apparatus; Increasing their utilisation of natural and additionally characteristic details to overseeing vine wellbeing and soils in every one of their vineyards; Continually observing waste with the point of waste lessening, reuse and reusing; Actively looking for potential outcomes to expand proficiency, especially in water, fuel and power use.

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