Winery Industrial Enclosures

Protect you and your heavy machinery with Industrial Enclosures.

The best way to protect you and your equipment from specific environmental conditions is to use a high-quality Industrial Enclosure. They do not only serve to protect you from incidental contact or possible malfunction of the equipment inside, but it also serves to protect said equipment against certain environmental conditions.

It is vital to protect you expensive or sensitive equipment from external threats but is also very important to make sure that you and the people around you are safely protected against any eventual critical failure of the things inside the enclosure.

That is why you clearly need a good Industrial Enclosure made from a durable a reliable material in order to successfully protect you and your sensitive machinery.

Furthermore, it is much more appealing to the eye when you have a protecting cabinet for your gear that also has a good design, that is much more visually exciting than seeing a bunch of loose and, sometimes, ugly industrial equipment.

  • Different types of Industrial Enclosure.

There are many types of Industrial Enclosures, and their classification is the responsibility of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) that regulates and organises the different types of Industrial Enclosures.

They are divided into two categories: Enclosures designed for Non-Hazardous Locations and Enclosures designed for Hazardous Locations. Moreover, there are different types in each main category. For example, there are twelve types of cabinets intended for Non-Hazardous Locations and four kinds of enclosures designed to Hazardous Locations.

In the Non-Hazardous Locations main category you have various enclosures that protect against different types of environmental conditions like dust, rain, snow, the external formation of ice, incidental contact, settling of airborne dust and fibers, submersion in water, oil, non-corrosive coolant and more!

On the other hand, in the Hazardous Locations category, you have enclosures that protect your equipment against aggressive environmental conditions like metal dust, carbon black, coal or coke dust, flour, starch, grain-dust and even more!

  • Applications of different Enclosure materials.

Available on the market are different material for Enclosure manufacture, various kinds of protection against a multitude of environmental conditions.

For example, hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheets are generally recommended for both indoor and outdoor use and protect your equipment against corrosion. In the other hand, 18-8 Stainless Steel is recommended, again, for both indoor and outdoor use and is best utilized in an area where there are caustic elements or alkalis present.

Moreover, the 316/316L Stainless Steel protects your equipment in almost any kind of environment. It is specifically good against corrosion and an excellent choice for marine environments.

However, if you want enclosures more resistant in the industrial surrounding, you must choose the 5052 Aluminum material for you Enclosure. It not only offers protection in marine environments but also is a fantastic choice against exposition to solvents, petrochemicals, acids, sulfates, and nitrates!

In addition, there are nonmetallic materials that are used in Enclosure manufacture that is much more cost-effective than expensive and heavy metals.

Due to the increase in Enclosure demand in the industrial and electrical areas, there is an extensive panoply of goods available, provided by many different companies. Do a quick search online, and you will find various firms that specialise in providing the best possible service when it comes to Industrial Enclosures.